What’s difference immigration agency and immigration consultant?

Immigration agencies are companies or people referring a potential client to a regulated Canadian immigration Consultant who will belong to ICCRC and is in good Standing or a lawyer registered with the provincial Bar. Many agents areas we refer to them in the Industry ass ghost agencies and or consultants so be Sure to check if they are registered and remember Agencies are not allowed to give information as they Have not studied immigration law, written the Government exam or applied for membership to the ICCRC. RCIC has the necessary insurance to protect the prospective immigrant from malpractice and or Errors & Omissions. Agencies do not process visas or Permits.

What’s a regulated Canadian immigration Consultant (RCIC)?

An RCIC is a registered Canadian immigration Consultant that completed his/hers/their education in Immigration law studies, written a government Sanctioned exam to test their knowledge and been screened by the ICCRC to ensure that potential Immigrants are in good hands and they are audited to ensure ethical behaviour and standards are maintained. RCIC’s have insurance that protects the client against errors omissions and general professional liability. Look for the ICCRC insignia on the website and search for their status with the Council here

Why do you need an RCIC?

Canada has a legal system that is unique to Canada that included immigration law according to the immigration and refugee protection act. Immigration and refugee protection regulations etc.
RCIC’s studied these statutes and regulations to under what might and will impact a Candidates chances to Either work, study and or obtain permanent Residence via an economic, family classes or obtaining refugee status or becoming a protected person. Check your visa office rejection rate to see the amount of refusal rate and you will see the value in using a RCIC. At Global Relocation we will Only recommend programs/regulations or non-Programs if you have a very good chance of success. A great way to explain is that when you are ill you can either google your symptoms and diagnose yourself and treat it but you might misdiagnose and die or you can have some success or you can go to a doctor whom has studied medicine and been vetted to practise medicine and this is your best chance to get better quicker.

Which immigration program maybe right for me and why?

Express entry is the most popular to people but truth be told not many people qualify as they do not understand and answer questions incorrectly. Speak to us about one of Canada’s over 80 immigration Programs, non programs and regulation which will suit your individual situation best.

What are my chances of success through this program?

No one can guarantee results as the final decision is up to immigration refugee and citizenship Canada. We will be able to offer you multiple choices and if you don’t have a good chance we will not take you on as a client if we know your chances of approval is good enough. We have years of experience in various economic, family, refugee, protected persons and Humanitarian & Compassionate cases to advise you of your chances.

How to avoid the fraud?

Only deal with a lawyer registered with the bar in the Province they operate, and a RCIC that you verified is in Good standing or a paralegal that is registered. Do not pay money upfront without you providing your full history so they legal professional/RCIC Express entry is a program where many people qualify But you will be placed in a pool and your points will decide if you get an invitation to apply. Make sure the agency is registered with the ICCRC and Look at their complaints registered on the ICCRC Website read the ICCRC 20 tip to avoid fraud here Https://ICCRC-cRCIC.ca/fraud-prevention/

What is Education Credential Assessment (ECA)

If you have a qualification outside of Canada it will most probably need to get assessed in order to Understand the Canadian equivalent. An ECA will not get you ready for working in a specific trade or Occupation there might be additional steps. Contact us know to find out what the steps are.