How Hiring an Immigration Attorney in Vancouver Can Help with Canadian Permanent Residency

Immigration Attorney in Vancouver

How Hiring an Immigration Attorney in Vancouver Can Help with Canadian Permanent Residency

May 24, 2021

Immigration to Canada is not the most straightforward task. Over 100 Canadian immigration programs are currently available, divided between Federal Programs, Provincial and Territorial Programs, and programs that align with more than one governing body.

Navigating the immigration process in the simplest of circumstances is no small task, which becomes even more of a challenge in complex situations. And this is why so many individuals and families choose to work with an immigration attorney.

For those who require assistance, immigration attorneys in Vancouver provide their clients with an invaluable service by knowing the law and advocating on their client’s behalf. In some cases, having an immigration attorney on your side could be the difference between an accepted and a rejected application.

Here are ways an immigration attorney in Vancouver can help you achieve Canadian permanent residency.

Knowledge and Experience

With so many pathways leading to Canadian immigration, there is a huge amount of information to sort through before you can even begin the process of putting together your application. Simply researching the various immigration streams is extremely time-consuming, assuming you know where to start.

Immigration attorneys are well versed in all of the 100+ Canadian immigration programs. Vancouver immigration attorneys have several years of post-secondary education and countless hours spent working real-life immigration cases. They can work with you to identify the program that best suits your circumstance and guide you through the entire application process, no matter how complicated your current situation.

Getting Your Application Right and On-time

Mistakes with your immigration application can be costly and difficult to correct. Hiring an immigration attorney greatly reduces your chances of having your application rejected. They get paid to ensure that all required documentation is correct, complete, and submitted by required deadlines.

In the event that your application gets rejected, an immigration attorney will be there with strategies on how to proceed, an understanding of legal precedent related to your unique case, and the ability to advocate on your behalf.

Navigating Complex Situations

Some immigration applications are more challenging than others. Whether you are looking to bring elderly parents into Canada, have had a previous Canadian immigration application rejected, or are otherwise inadmissible to Canada, having an immigration attorney could mean the difference between having your immigration applicant accepted or refused.

Immigration attorneys deal with complex immigration cases daily. They are intimately familiar with the immigration process, and the finer details of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) acts and regulations, and how to resolve challenges.

Affordable Fees

Vancouver immigration attorneys can help reduce the amount of time it takes to have an immigration application accepted by ensuring that the first application submitted is concise, correct, and complete. This can help reduce lost wages, time spent waiting for applications to be reviewed, and additional fees incurred trying to correct mistakes.

Immigration applicants often get rejected for reasons that have nothing to do with the applicant but instead on technicalities or missing documentation. For some people, the cost of hiring an immigration attorney may be partially offset simply by getting your application right the first time.

It is important to note that there is no rule stating that any person must hire an immigration attorney. If you are not financially able to hire professional help, there are free resources available. However, choosing to work with an immigration attorney can significantly improve your chances of submitting a successful application, without the hassle or worry of completing the process on your own.