Travel Visa Consultant Canada

Visit Canada

Our clients benefit from efficiency, timeous positive results and the best advice tailored to every different situation. Whether you need to change status, extend your temporary stay or restoration of status you will be in good hands and benefit from our vast experience and knowledge.

Study Immigration Consultant Canada

Study in Canada

Studying in Canada not only provides you with a top world class education ,but in many cases may lead permanent residence and eventually citizenship. We assist in college matching and represent you to be accepted into the top colleges/universities Canada can offer.

Canada Work Permit Provider Company

Work in Canada

We offer a start to finish product including pre-qualification of immigration programs / regulations or pilots. Once qualified we offer resume rewrite according to the specific site algorithms, job listing/searching, step by step guidance to convert credentials or trade certification as the base. Read more

Canadian Immigration Consultancy

Immigrate to Canada

Permanent Residence pathways including Provincial Nominations, Federal Pilots & Programs, or statute regulations. Popular programs include Federal Skill Worker, Federal Trades person, Canadian Experience Class. Pilots like the Regional Northern Immigration Pilot, Caregiver Pilot, and Atlantic Pilot is serviced by our firm. Read more

Asylum Settlement Application in Canada

Asylum and H&C Grounds in Canada

We assist clients in fear of persecution in their home country and or being at serious risk of harm if they return to their home country, We represent clients with the right to claim refugee protection in Canada. Read more

Immigration Attorney Canada

Appeals & Representation

An inhouse Regulated Canadian Immigration Company and Registered Certified Immigration Attorney or Consultant can offer representation at the Immigration Division, Immigration Appeal Division, Refugee Protection Division as well as the Refugee Appeals Division. Read more

Permanent Residence Canada

Instant Assistance

We have Professional Canadian resume writers based in Canada to help you transform our CV to a Canadian resume to help you transform our CV to a resume in our format to get you hired. Our professional resume rewrite is formatted for the algorithm for various sites including the job bank, Indeed, etc. Read more

International Documentation Provider


We provide fast and reliable documents service from outsource for Educational Credential Assessment, Trade certification, Certified Translators and Interpreters of BC, Authentication and power of attorney etc.

Provincial Nomination BC, Canada


We have you covered as settling in a new country is no easy task, but with our network of experts from Realtors, car leasing agents, recruiters, elementary and high school finding experts and many more to help you adjust to life in Canada. Read more